Attend a Retreat

Who are Espero Retreats for?

We serve mothers of autistic children. We know that getting an official diagnosis is difficult and that there’s a good chance you don’t have one. What’s more, you may have a diagnosis, but for something else… It is very common for children on the autism spectrum to be misdiagnosed with other disorders such as ADHD or ODD. Although we want to help all moms (our hearts go out to all of you!), our main focus is on moms of kids with autism. If you have any inkling your child might be on the autism spectrum, please feel free to apply!

Who are Espero Retreats not for?

We are not able to provide any help or care for your autistic child while you are at our retreat, so our events currently aren’t for those who need additional help with their child/children in order to attend. Please only apply if you know you can make the necessary arrangements at home for the length of the retreat. Also, we are not set up to serve anyone with health issues that would require special accommodations to participate fully in the retreat activities.

Will it cost me anything to attend an Espero retreat?

Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, moms attend an Espero retreat at no cost to them with a small value exchange. Food, lodging (when applicable), and activities are provided.

What should I expect at an Espero retreat?

Our retreats offer a variety of classes and activities you can choose to participate in based on your needs. You will also have personal time to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. Our goal is to provide support for our moms through activities, education, community, and personal time.


Participate in a wide range of experiential activities, each chosen specifically for how it can help our attendees. Activities vary from helping you work through emotions to just having fun – but all will create lasting memories that will help you feel empowered.


Learn about a variety of topics that moms have requested, most related specifically to raising an autistic child.

We also provide a list of resources you may

find useful as you return home.


We will have plenty of time to connect with others at the retreat to start building long-lasting, uplifting friendships and community. Many moms feel alone in their journeys. Our goal is for you to leave the retreat knowing you have a network of other moms who understand what you’re going through. We encourage attendees to  stay in touch and continue to support one another after the retreat.

Personal Time

During our retreats, we want to make sure you have some personal time to relax and reflect on what you are learning and experiencing. You may choose to spend this time by yourself in any way you choose, or you may spend time creating connections with the other women at the retreat.

Step 1

Read about our retreat to know if we are a good fit for you.

Step 2

If we are a good fit, let us know you’re interested in attending a retreat.

Step 3

Watch for an email with more information and instructions.

Step 4

Confirm a retreat date.

Step 5

We’ll give you a packing list. All you have to do is show up and get spoiled.

Step 6

At the retreat, we’ll immerse you in incredible experiences and resources for your entire body and mind.

Step 7

Return to your family refreshed and renewed.