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Rest, renewal, and connection for moms of autistic children

Raising an autistic child requires a lot from parents.

In many families it’s the moms who handle the bulk of the daily demands, leaving them feeling tired and overwhelmed. And when mom is exhausted, often the whole family suffers.


With the growing prevalence of autism, millions of moms are raising autistic children. Whether or not they have the support of a partner, raising a child (or children) with autism can feel isolating and overwhelming.

There are times when these moms desperately need a break.  What would it be like for the whole family to have mom return home refreshed and renewed after a short, empowering break?

Hi! I'm Hilary!

When I first found out our daughter had autism, I began researching to learn all I could about autism and how to parent autistic children. I read every book I could find at the library. I attended many events and listened to many speakers. I wanted to learn everything that could help our daughter, and our family, navigate this diagnosis.


As I dove head first into counseling sessions, meetings with school counselors, and doctor appointments, I felt very overwhelmed. And although I had an amazingly supportive and loving family, I was exhausted and felt very alone. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of mental, emotional, and physical energy required to raise my autistic child, not to mention how it affected me socially and created an inability to get out more. It was difficult to ever get a break, especially because I knew our daughter better than anyone else and was, therefore, the person best able to keep her from triggering. It was depleting to always be on high alert to prevent meltdowns. I love our daughter, but not taking breaks to relax and recharge was a detriment to my own mental health.  And I’m not the only one who would have benefited from me taking a little time for myself…my family would have too! My patience rarely made it through the day, which meant I was definitely not the mom or wife I really wanted to be.


Over the years I have met many mothers of autistic children. Most have expressed feeling very similar to the way I did.  I really want to help those moms! I created Espero retreats to provide a safe, uplifting place of rest, renewal, and connection for moms of autistic children! I believe that helping moms helps families. And by helping families, we help neighborhoods and communities.

If Moms of Autistic Kids Are Supermoms, Why Are We So Tired?

Learn why so many moms of autistic children are burnt out and how it affects their families.

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Rachel's Story

I am the mother of an autistic son, and I am tired and overwhelmed. Raising an autistic child requires so much of me, my husband, and my other kids! I feel like we are all living on pins and needles, doing whatever we need to  make sure our autistic son does not get triggered. We recently decided to take the family to the zoo. I took five of my children and went to the zoo, leaving my husband behind with our autistic son. The following day, we switched. I stayed home with five of my children while my husband took our autistic son to the zoo. We knew from experience that that was the only way to make the experience pleasant for everyone. So much of our lives falls on my shoulders.


I got to the point where I really wanted a break for some sort of me time, but if I did that then I worried that everything would fall apart at home. I’m like the glue that holds the family together, and that’s a heavy weight to carry.


I felt like I was drowning! I had just resigned myself to this life and figured it’s just the way it is and I can’t do anything about it, but I really craved something that would give me a reset and renew my energy.


Is it wrong to wish for a break? Just a night by myself in a hotel would be wonderful for some peace and quiet! What would it be like to go out to eat dinner all by myself, at a restaurant I choose? And not have to worry about my autistic child getting triggered and making a scene. I felt selfish having these thoughts because it’s hard to imagine having a break and not damaging other family members in the process…


A friend told me to go look up Espero, so I went to their website and read about the retreats they have for moms like me.


Wow! As I read all about it, I felt like Espero knew me personally and is creating their retreats just for me. This is exactly what I need! I believe taking a break for some “me time” at their retreat will actually help me be a better mom and be more available physically and emotionally for my family. I know it’ll still take some planning for me to be able to leave my kids, especially my autistic son, but for the first time I feel heard and understood. I have reason to hope!

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Attend Espero retreats for free with a small value exchange! 

Food, lodging (when applicable), and activities are provided.


How can I get away for that much time? I don't want to burden my partner.

We understand that leaving your family is a difficult sacrifice, but your family will thrive best with a thriving mom. When you return home from one of our retreats, your family will thank you for going!

I'm introverted and anti-social.

We understand you might prefer nights alone to recharge your battery, but introverts and extroverts alike will love getting pampered at our retreats! There will be plenty of moments to relax and enjoy time alone, and our activities will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Imagine actually getting a few minutes to read in bed…

I don't trust that my autistic child will be ok while I'm gone.

Please reach out if this is your story. We want to know your specific needs so we can put together resources to help you be able to attend one of our retreats in the future!